Friday, 24 February 2012

Things that made me go wow!

I'm playing around with Scoopit this week and have set up a couple of topics including one on promoting libraries.  (  One of the suggested scoops came from a tweet from Sutton Libraries.

So the first Wow is the use of Twitter to link to an interesting topic to promote one of their online resources.

What really impressed me though was the box on the Credo page that asked me to Select Library to find a local library I can use to access Credo - Sutton residents will already know this but for me in Stockport ... this is what Credo gave me by picking up my location automatically

Now I know that even if Stockport Libraries don't subscribe, as a member of Cheshire Libraries (which I am by the way) or a student at the College, I can use their database.

(sorry if the screen grab overlaps the panel on the right, but I wanted it to be readable!)