Saturday, 14 January 2012

Back into the saddle with blogging and CPD23things

It's been a few months, I was made redundant last year and have been struggling to keep my professional mojo going with the knock in confidence I've had.  Twitter and RSS feeds from blogs I subscribe to have kept me in touch and ensured I still feel part of the library and eLearning communities.  I haven't felt engaged enough to participate though - I had a false start at one point (responding to a report on digital literacies in schools and colleges that didn't mention libraries) but went down with flu and fell off the face of the internet again for a while!

Yesterday I read a blog post from Simon Barron (see yesterday's post) and felt I had something to say in response.  That response got too long for a a comment, so the post was written.  Simon was kind enough to tweet about my post and when Ned Potter made similar points to me in his blog post, I posted a comment there and wrote today's earlier post.  He was also kind enough to pop over and comment and also add a link to my post in his comments.

I appreciate this is everyday stuff in the blogosphere but I can't tell you what all this has done for my confidence.  To have colleagues who I respect saying positive things about my posts has worked wonders, so I hope I can pay forward with comments on other people's blogs - and learn a lot in the process ;-)

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